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About Us

In 1978, our business was launched to meet the automotive industry’s needs for a durable and reliable checking fixture for automobile seating. We have refined the checking fixture process and developed a laser cutting process for much-needed accuracy and faster turnaround time.

This technology is now the industry standard and has been employed in Ford, Chrysler, General Moter, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz®, Dodge®, and Land Rover® vehicles. We strive to set standards of quality, dependability, and technology which cannot be excelled, enabling you to meet the stringent demands of today’s manufacturing processes.

Templates are Laser cut within 2 to 5 millimeters of customer data and quality assurance.   Tempro has an on-time, excellent delivery  rating. We ship world wide with custom made shipping boxes with your company logo.  All templates are clearly identified for easy assembly. 

We use the following machinery and software:

• 3- Axis, 500 Watt CO2 Laser – Envelope: 77” x 54” (1925mm x 1350mm) Accurate to .002” (.050mm)
• 3- Axis 700 Watt YAG Laser – Envelope: 8.5” x 8.5” (220mm x 220mm) Accurate to .002” (.050mm)
• Bridgeport Mill
• 2” x 36” Capacity Metal Lathe
• Tecnifor Stylus Etcher
• Autodesk® AutoCad R14, R13, R10 – Featuring 2D-3D Drafting
• Surfware® SurfCam v. 7.1 – Featuring Surface Manipulation, 3-D Modeling, & NC Program Creation
• Raster to Vector Conversion CUTshop® Polylines

Contact us in Plymouth, Michigan, to learn more about our laser cutting process.